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'Stories of Wigan' is a community-orientated project collecting the stories of individuals and groups in the area and presenting a series of dance, theatre, writing and singing workshops.
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Games Free Marcus Dyer iPhone, iPad, iPod

Released to coincide, this application presents a selection of games and films combining dance, music and dialogue.

Play a unique twist on the classic sliding puzzle game and unlock the 'Stories of Wigan' films one-by-one. Each tile represents a short clip from the film. Watch the dancers carefully, paying close attention to the choreography and listen to the music and speech. The more tiles you position correctly, the more stars you will be awarded. Reorder the clips in the correct order to watch the complete video without breaks.

Or visiting Wigan and found a ‘Stories of Wigan’ poster or flyer? Scan the QR code on the poster or flyer to watch and unlock a film connected to that location. After you’ve watched a video, the name and location of the next film in the trail will be revealed on the map.


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