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Stock Screener: Stocks Finder with Easy Filters

Perform customized fundamental and technical screening; real-time advanced quotes; detailed research on stocks and chart study, watch-list management. Plan your trade well!
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Enjoy this comprehensive and powerful screening tool to screen stocks trading in US markets with 1,500+ scanners & filters and almost infinite criteria combinations your define. Create unlimited watch-lists and add your screened results to them. Multi chart View exhibits a list of stock charts of all your screening results. With one glance, you can get Real-Time Advanced stock quotes with Pre and After market data. With one touch, a neat stock chart, company profile, key financial numbers, extensive basic information, stock news, and ETF holdings are provided for detailed research on any screened-out ticker symbols or symbols you enter. Plus, save unlimited screener groups for an easy one-touch-done screening at anytime! Save your screened results or any stock in well-managed watch-list for further analysis. All screeners and watch-lists can be backed up to cloud and sync among multiple devices.

ScreenerPro offers a unique one-touch-done screening experience for our users. First, create a screener with a name you desire. Second, select scanners (e.g. top gainer) and filters (e.g. sector, market cap, P/E ratio, etc.) for this screener. Once done, your screener is auto-saved. Whenever you want, simply touch the screener name, the screening automatically begins and present you the results. Easy, fast, and definitely no repeated selecting or configuring. You can easily modify the settings (add or delete filters, choose different filter values, select different scanners) for the screener at anytime.

The app allows you to create and save unlimited screeners (groups). Quickly sort the list, re-position a certain screener group, re-name a group (press and hold the screener name), etc. The most wonderful thing is that each of your screener (group) can have its unique screening criteria that you set and you are able to create a super powerful screening weapon embracing hundreds of gears (screener group) with one simple touch, you are free to explore and screen the whole stock markets unlimitedly.

View a neat stock chart with 40+ technical indicators, various chart types, and date ranges. More "secrets" include company profile, key financial numbers, extensive basic information, stock news, and ETF Holdings. Those give you both general and detailed information and help to research on stocks.

■ Real-Time Advanced quotes (change, change%, bid, bid size, ask, ask size, open, high, low, close, volume)
■ Pre & After market quotes
■ Multi Chart View
■ Charted Sector View
■ Customized Stock Chart with technical indicators
■ Company Profiles
■ Stock News
■ Extensive Basic Information
■ ETF Holdings
■ Unlimited & User Customized Watch-list with colorful tags

▫Top Gainer/Loser
▫New High/Low
▫Most Volatile/Active
▫Unusual Volume
▫Earnings Before/After
▫Insider Buying/Selling
▫Horizontal S/R
▫TL Resistance/Support
▫Wedge, Wedge Up/ Down
▫Triangle Ascending/Descending
▫Channel Up/Down
▫Double Top/Bottom
▫Multi Top/Bottom
▫Header & Shoulders, H & S Inverse
▫Change & Change from open
▫20-Day, 50-Day High/Low
▫52-Week High/Low
▫EPS Growth
▫Sales Growth
▫Dividend Yield
▫Return on Assets/Equity/Investment
▫Current/Quick/Payout Ratio
▫Debt/Equity Ratio
▫LT Debt/Equity Ratio
▫Average/Relative Volume
▫Market Cap.
▫P/E, Forward P/E, PEG, P/S, P/B
▫Price/Cash, Price/Free Cash Flow
▫Gross/Operating/Net Profit Margin
▫Insider Transaction & Ownership
▫Institutional Transaction & Ownership
▫Float Short
▫Analyst Recommendation
▫Earnings Date
▫Volatility / Beta
▫And More...

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