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Stickman Rush is an amazing arcade jumping game where the ninja stickman races to find treasure at the end of each level.
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Games Free Dexati LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

Help the stickman to run fast and jump over and under obstacles to reach the treasure. The ninja stickman has a cool jetpack that you control. Plus, you can watch the awesome dance moves of the stickman at the end of each level.

Stickman Rush has levels where the stickman runs through the city, a temple, a beach, the desert and more. Help the stickman reach the treasure by showcasing your stunning game playing skills. The stickman is only after treasure and you need to help him reach it.

Stickman Rush has incredible action moves. This is not just your typical Ninja Run kind of game. This is packed with action levels that start out easy and become very challenging. Can you complete them all?

The stickman runs and jumps and uses his fire power to jump even higher. This is an action game and not a simple golf game. The stickman dance moves make him unique and entertaining compared to a regular ninja. Plus he has his own jetpack!



Very bad game and not addictive also very frustrating