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StarChaser combines interesting game play with stunning graphics to create a gaming experience you won't want to stop. Grapple from star to star upwards through the sky but don't miss else you will fall to your death.
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Games Free Daniel Boyer iPhone, iPad, iPod

Easy to learn controls - Addictive Gameplay


Nice in theory

The game has a nice look and feel to it but the controls and calibration are way off. Perhaps it’s the phone I’m using, iPhone SE, which admittedly is being phased out. With this phone I can’t seem to get past the first level even.

I created the app and my high score is 411,000
dan boy 22345

If you beat that you can have my first born

Super fun

This game is super fun and addicting.

Great game 10/10
cason duncan

Great game I really enjoy it.

It’s for all ages
Obese pigs unite

Love this game! Took a while for me to be the hang of it.

Off the hook
Big Bad Daddy Yo!

This game is off the hook, yo! It’s totes legit. So addicting, yet I can’t even get past Level 2, but still so lit.


Super fun and addicting, but glitchy

So fun!!!

Love this game! It’s fun and super challenging. I love the graphics!


Great work boys!

My favorite game other than Subway Surfers

This game is complex and fun! It’s a challenge and my go to when I’m waiting in lines. Love it!

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