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Starbucks is free iOS app published by Starbucks Coffee Company

Love this app!


Very easy to navigate and one of the best apps for rewards! Love the fact that you can gain points and use them whenever you want!

doesn’t work on 6s with current OS


Works sporadically or not at all—can’t order ahead anymore.

Update please


The app used to be great. Now it is freezing and not loading all of my points.

Great but can’t cancel order

Ms. Dilly Dally

Pls fix this problem I can’t take an item off my list Other wise Great!

any way to add items bought in the history section


any way to add items bought in the history section to have itemized proof of all purchases to save on paper receipts and to track any missing orders? then i would give it a 5 star. thanks

A very handy app!

Riah MacK

I appreciate that Starbucks created a way for us to earn on money spent and they keep it all in one place for me! I also love that you can find any store near you and order online. The messages of new products are also nice to have. My only little complaint is that the tips feature is very delayed and sometimes doesn’t show up at all. I tip after every order (my local Starbucks is awesome!!) but sometimes it doesn’t give me the option to tip — not sure why. All in all, I really love this app!



Really great the app is so convienient



On this app, I can successfully order my first drink and then the next time I want to use it, it doesn’t work. I have to delete and re-download it just to order a second drink.

Starbucks is great


Makes it super easy to load money, get free drinks, and see everything on the menu before getting to Starbucks!

Easy and convenient to use!


I go to Starbucks a fair amount and I use the app almost every time. The order ahead feature is great for when you’re running short on time and you just want to pick up and go. It’s easy to reload the app and almost every Starbucks uses it (I believe some of the Barnes and noble starbucks don’t use it). The star rewards are great and I’m able to get free drinks occasionally. I would definitely recommend using this app if you go to Starbucks as much as I do!