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Starbucks is free iOS app published by Starbucks Coffee Company

Menu challenges: no longer get credit


I have done 2 menu challenges in past 2 weeks and have not earned a single star for 7 purchases! I was told wait 24 hours! It’s technical glitch! You are warning you just don’t see them check off on the challenge etc! If ordering exact item from mobile app sometimes get a check off on challenge but the drive thru and kiosk like centers in grocery etc record items as in-store purchases and therefore no knowledge noted that you bought specific item needed for challenge!!! A big problem! Etc buy sous v egg bites 3 or 4 times and earn up to 50 poo ya! Purchased 5 times and never got credit on the App! Then multiple emails and time to resolve it and points finally added later by rep and very next challenge did same thing so quit going to SB for menu challenge !!

Jackson mi store on West Ave


I visit the store every morning on the way to work. Lately I have had the wrong drinks given to me or they were made incorrect When I have brought it to the stores attention I didn’t even get a I am sorry.

Mobile App is the best!!!


Best mobile app program! And, love the Plymouth Meeting, PA staff...friendly, professional and drinks are always perfectβ˜•οΈ



I walked up to door of the Starbucks on Center Street in Deer Park. A nice young man opened the door for me. So I made sure to let him go in front of me in the line since he was first. But he stopped at the menu. A couple walked up to the counter and the cashier said I don’t know what their doing. By the time I realized he was not ready to order the barista was taking their order. It was the longest order. Then the guy had to reload his card. By that time I was so feeling so frustrated and partially embarrassed since the barista was talking about me. I went to the new store on Fairmont and Rhodes. There they had a professional attitude and kindness. Best coffee.

Star Dash challenge


I fulfilled the challenge but it did not register that I purchased The drinks therefore I did not get my stars

No almond milk option on app


Starbucks needs to have the “almond milk” option for every drink they have that contains milk. πŸ˜’ Almond milk is the only kind of milk my body can handle and none of their lattes or frappuccinos have that option. 😣 I am really wanting to try their new drinks that just came out, but in the app I can’t substitute it because there’s no option. Why? Almond milk is an option for any other drink that contains milk, why not lattes and frappes? Also, there should be a “write in” section so if I’m unable to add/substitute something, I can just write a note saying what I want instead πŸ˜’

Love the app


Really great workers, they’re like family



There has only been a select few times I’ve had bad service at the Starbucks I generally go to. The baristas are usually great, but they don’t get my order right when I do the mobile ordering.

Best app!


Espresso the way it should be served. Strong and delish!



Thank you Starbucks for this amazing app. I can reload my card, place my orders, check other meals and drinks on the menu, personalise my drinks and order, skipping the lines both inside and out. All within a few taps! Yesterday I added you to my Amazon Echo Dots. So I can order whilst grabbing keys and running out of the door!! 😜 The only problem is.... I'm rural! My drink and meals are ready twice as fast as I can get there. It would be nice if there was a place within the app where I could give an estimated time when I would be there to pickup my order. Shout out to the wonderful staff on Island Avenue, La Grande, OR. Please add to approximate pickup times to the app. The only negative.... The money on my card goes down way faster than if I'd ordered in store. Got to pay for convenience. ❀❀