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Starbucks is free iOS app published by Starbucks Coffee Company

Closing times.

York fish and game

We went to the Starbucks in Portsmouth NH on Lafayette Rd tonight. I go every Sunday night. When we got there at 5:50. The girl blocked the lane and said they where closed. The time for close on the door says 6:00. She told us they put the cone up at 5:50. If it says 6:00 on the door then they should put the cone up at 6:00. We drove 20 minutes to get there before close and were turned away. So didn’t get my usual drink and we wasted gas driving there. Was very disappointed. I love Starbucks but was not to happy with them today.

Reloading Issues


I love the convenience of the app and the Mobil tipping. However, the last few times I’ve tried to re-load $15 dollars the amount will somehow switch to $25. It’s happened several times even when I was purposefully double checking the amount. I’m frustrated with the suggested amount and auto re-load features being faulty.

Needs Improvements

nc gujbb

You should be able to see the price of an item that you want without having to add it to your cart. Also if you transfer all of your money into one card then try and delete the rest of your cards it should not take away the money you have transferred onto that one card.



I personally love Starbucks so I love how they made a mobile pickup and a mobile app

Efficient but human

Chips Stewart

The app works really great and the order is ready very quickly. I feel frustrated when standing in a long line waiting to order as people go through the menu and ask the Baristas about the products -- and my deadline gets ever closer. This app saves time and works great plus they still are pleased to see me and I feel good.

Starbucks App


App stopped working on my IPhone 8 and Starbucks “Customer Service” not very helpful. Everyone passes the buck to the next level and they will never call you back. I have had enough. Not calling anymore.

Always problems


There are always problems with this app. I constantly download it and uninstall it because I remember it doesn’t ever work. It never lets me sign in and says I created an account, but then bounces back with that ‘something went wrong’



Awesome awesome

Wish I could cancel orders


You aren’t able to cancel orders or request refunded via app. However customer service is always willing to refund your card.


jammer 161

For the last week it hasn't been working

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