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Starbucks is free iOS app published by Starbucks Coffee Company

Thank you State and Victoria Starbucks!


I had redeemed my birthday item by mobile app but when I went to pick up the drink during a long road trip, the pick up line was 20 cars long! I said “oh well” to the birthday chai and went on my way. Five days later I visited the State and Victoria location in Santa Barbara and mentioned my snafu to the mobile order employee and he said “no problem, I’ll give you your birthday item right now”! Very kid and generous of him, made my birthday last a bit longer. 😊

Not ADHD Friendly


Is it just me? I find this app’s layout a bit hard to navigate. I seem to get lost every time I want to use the app to place a mobile order.

I love it🌟


Just send my cousin from Arkansas a gift card for Mother’s Day πŸ’•

Enjoying the App


When I use my stars with the app without the purchase of any items there is no option to tip that I see, I know I could physically give the money to the barista but I was wondering if that option could be made available?

Seaside Starbucks

Danette c

I love the Starbucks in Seaside , on Fremont they r the best

Addy Duncan

Addyduncan donuts

It’s great I honestly wish they could deliver without Uber eats but it is really nice

It’s awful # only the place not the app

Im eleven πŸ˜₯i am in 5 grade

So I went to Starbucks and I asked for my drink and then I asked for no caffeine. But when I tasted it, IT HAD CAFFEINE AND I ASKED FOR NO CAFFEINE!!!! 😑😑😑😑😑 the place was in Albertsons at Jackson Hole Wy. I hate that place now and the girl that attended us said she couldn’t make it because it had to have caffeine. And I had a HUGE FIGHT cause they do it for me without caffeine so I ordered a different one. Ps if the lady that attended me and is reading this u R HORIBLE

Make tipping easier


I love this App and use it for all my Starbucks purchases. But you have to make it easier to tip your baristas. They deserve it and you are doing a huge disservice to them by not making it easier to tip. FIX THIS NOW!!!

I hate this app

Big Techs

You can’t go back and change an order or cancel one. It is cumbersome and very limited. Not a fan. Come on Starbucks

Constant problems!!!!!

Jim in Mason

This is, without exception, the WORST app I have ever used. It is fraught with problems. I’m constantly having to delete and reload the app. Sometimes it will work, and sometimes not. Sometimes I have to shut down my phone and restart to get the app to work. Pitiful. Then, about half the time it won’t recognize my password. Generally, when I can get it to work, it will be fine for about 3 purchases. Then, it goes haywire again. And don’t even get me started about it failing to update, not letting me add funds, and not showing the current balance! Come on Starbucks! If your coffee had the same level of quality your app has, you would have gone out of business long ago!!!! BTW, when I called your technical support people, they tried to blame my phone. Funny how your app is the only one out of over 50 on my phone that has trouble. Pathetic!!!

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