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Spy Cam MG Lite

This is a lite version of Spy Cam MG.
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Photo & Video Free Michal Glet iPhone, iPad, iPod

Spy Cam MG Lite allows to record one frame every one second.
This is why you can see what had happened during an hour by watching two minutes long video!

With this version you can record videos with settings:
- 1 frame per second
- medium quality
- live preview on


Jan. 13

I love it, I spied on my sisters!

Ah Yess
Ah Yess

This lite version records nothing. You have to buy full version to perform ANY function. Only works to direct you to pay version, which has poor reviews.

Spy cam mg lite
Peewee is awesome

Worst app ever


Plays back in fast forward... I do not like that!!

I spy with my eye
ROSE 787

It's AMAZING I can spy on lots of stuff. And I agree with that person that said "the tittle says it all" the tittle dose tell all of it. GET THE APP

Soo Laggy

This is horrible I can't see anything and this app is so Laggy. Anybody could just use their iPhone cam

Kangaroo Ken!

It's stupid it doesn't work it's not worth it!!!