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SpotMe makes it easy to track split rent and split bills or expenses with roommates, family and friends!
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Paying the rent? Managing household expenses? Splitting the cost of groceries? Or heading out with friends? SpotMe offers a free and easy way to track who owes you. Split a bill on your phone with one person or with a group, add a photo or a note, and you are set. Your friends get a quick notification and can see their balance with you.

Get all these free features (and more) in an easy to use, friendly app:

Split roommate bills with just a few finger taps.
Track individual IOUs or group balances.
Add photos and quick notes.
Split evenly or allocate a different portion to each person.
Notify your friends.
Settle up with just one finger tap.
Optimized for Facebook friends.

And more...

Message one person or a group.
Enable push notifications for new IOUs or payments.
Send free reminders.
Free unlimited groups.
Weekly or daily summaries.
International currencies.

SpotMe is a must-have app for roommates, families and college friends. It is simply the best app for tracking split bills, IOUs, payments and receipts, and it makes splitting bills with roommates and friends fun, fast and easy.

Here are some of the things that our customers are saying… "Love your app!", "Thank you so much for a great roommate app!", "Incredibly useful, helps me and my roommate keep bills straight!", "This app is a life saver for roommates!", "My roommate and I have tried many other rent calculator apps to split our rent and bills. SpotMe is the best!".

Download SpotMe now and connect to your family or friends to start tracking split bills, split rent or itemized expenses as you lend to or borrow from each other.


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