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Spotify - Music and Podcasts is free iOS app published by Spotify

Love it



I love so much

young mahdi

I like because you can add any song that you like to your playlist

Failed connecting 1,000 times!!!


The latest 5 Spotify updates have totally ruined the app! I can't connect when accessing from my University Wi-Fi which is kinda slow. It never connects, it always says "Connecting..." but nothing happens. I have had to turn off Wi-Fi and activate my mobile data in order for the app to connect correctly; and then turn on Wi-Fi again. Please, fix it. This shouldn't be happening to anyone, because we are paying for a service that should work correctly.

Love it!


I use it every day. Film scores make studying for finals so much more interesting.

Very happy

Nikki the LMT

I'm a massage therapist and fitness enthusiast. I use it for my massages business and for working out! The variety is great for the price. This app came highly recommended at school by an instructor as well. So the rest is history!