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Spotify - Music and Podcasts is free iOS app published by Spotify

Spotify review


If you go on a playlist you can not pick what you want to listen to. You have to do shuffle play. And the app adds stuff to your playlist.

This App is amazing


This is the best app to hear music this app deserves 1,000$ asp

Can't sign


The 1 time I signed normal and listen music maybe 2 weeks.yesterday and today too listened music normal but after some hours I can't sign.when I' trying go from Instagram to Spotify by listen music I can't sign!they write that are problem error 408 but I change my password and all was good but can't sign from fb and w email.

Hate the update


I like Spotify but I don’t like with the new update when u hit ur library it doesn’t say ur songs like it’s very annoying and confusing

Broke after update

Front Range Geeks LLC

Please contact me to resolve. Family subscription. Website difficult to contact you.

username changes & larger download limit


I love the app a lot and use it almost everyday but there are some things that are a real turn off for me. 1. I can only download a certain amount of songs! The limit is 3,333 songs, but I have a lot of playlists that I frequently listen to and I had to un-download those to download more playlists. 2. I would love to change my username! I made my account a few years back and didn’t think about growing out of that username when I made it. Now I’m just dissatisfied with my username and would give anything to change it. I don’t wanna make a new account because I’m on a premium family plan, and I don’t wanna lose any of my playlists or downloads.

I like Spotify, but..


They keep bugging me for ratings, so here is your rating.


Diana ananan

When it says 30 minutes of ad free music I got an ad like every 3 songs and it just a stops at random times and plays song that are not in my playlist other than that it’s great.


Cool cat Blues

Awesome App! Use it all the time.

Dagum updates


Plenty of my fav tunes, most time quick to pull up, but this update garbage is killing me!!! Takes forever to finally update and to be truthful at the fullest I find not a thing is changed before and or after. Stop with this drug out and time it a short update every time unless you leave yourself with up to an hour of wait. If that is how it will be take the time I lose of the monthly costs?