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Splot is a colourful platformer featuring a cute small alien from outer space.
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Games $0.99 Frozenbyte Ltd. iPhone, iPad, iPod

Splot has crash-landed onto a strange planet. He sets forth on an adventure to rescue a population of endangered Baby Birdlings from a menacing threat – the Hungry Blobs and the Blob Kings!
Your goal is to save the Birdlings before they are eaten, while racing to the finish line as fast as possible.

- Race against the Hungry Blob Kings and rescue the endangered Baby Birdlings
- Easy to learn touch controls with stunning precision - bounce your way through perilous obstacles: spikes, lava, lasers, portals and more
- Level up and boost your abilities with potent power-ups such as the Magnet, Freeze and Vacuum
- Collect vault pieces and unlock over 150 different Splots
- Explore 7 unique worlds: a peaceful Fairy Forest, a hazardous Space Station, a spooky Haunted Castle and others to discover
- Play through a total of 56 challenging levels and three difficulty settings that put your skills to the test

Supported devices:
iPhone 4 and newer, iPad mini and newer, iPad 2 and newer

Game can be played on following languages:
English, German, French, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, Indonesian, Malay and Finnish


Very disappointed!

First of all, this wasn't even developed by Frozenbyte. Some other guys developed it. Then, it is a very simplified game where all you do is basically jump to move forward. You do not have complete control over the character like in usual platformers. I am no fan of the visuals either. Really dislike it. I bought this game mostly because FZB is the developer of Trine, but this game is something really different. Maybe someone else may like it, but not me. Thanks!

Love it

I love the game. I'm having 2 issues right now. 1. Game Center isn't giving me credit for completed achievements. 2. Having trouble with game frame-rate (freezing). Delayed reaction of splot. Please fix these and any other bugs ASAP. I really like this game.

Fun and different!

This is a racing game with a platforming element. It can played with one hand and still be fun. If you are looking for a normal type of platforming game you will be disappointed at first but if you keep playing you will find this fun and different. Great job Dev's!

Worst game ever!
Awesome horse lover 5214

Worst game ever!!!! When I try to turn it on the screen turns black and then goes back to home screen!!! This game is so stupid!!!! I'm warning you, do not get this game!! (Frozenbyte, please fix this. I know there's a spark of hope in you.)


This game is so awesome, I love unlocking the splots, and the gold levels are so challenging, I managed to unlock two of the gold star splots I couldn’t put it down last night stayed up till 3am playing this.


I really don't get this game. Each level is the same. All you do is bounce a couple of times and it's over. Directions would of been nice. Waste of money.


It's ok it gets kinda boring add a story to it or something maybe? Besides that I like the game

Not for me

I didn't enjoy playing this game. Boring and repetitive. Not very difficult

Not happy
Claudia Hurd

I deleted this. Not easy to get it to work after a few rounds, would not recognize me:(

Not what I expected

This is not at all what I expected, especially from a supreme indie developer like frozenbyte. This is a very basic platformer where basically you just tap the whole time and sometimes slide your finger.

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