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Simple and powerful, Splice is the best video editor for your iPhone and iPod Touch! Easily create videos and slideshows, with no length limits, watermarks, or ads. Includes free filters, songs, sound effects, text overlays, transitions, and precise editing tools. Millions of Splice videos are created around the world every month!
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Splice your photos and videos into a movie or slideshow with these great features:
[+] Visual Effects: Alter the style of photos and videos with numerous lens filter effects.
[+] Share: Share directly to Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, Mail, Messages, etc. or save to your iPhone.
[+] Audio: Use our extensive free library of soundtracks and sound effects, or select from your iTunes collection. Layer in multiple audio tracks with great precision.
[+] Text Overlays: Add text to photos, videos, or title slides, selecting color and style.
[+] Speed Controls: Adjust a video clip’s playback speed from slow motion to super-fast!
[+] Narrate: Record your own voice (or other audio) into your project.
[+] Transitions: Add polish with high quality transitions (including cross fade, pixelate, fade to black, and flash). To save you time Splice adds transitions automatically.
[+] Animate: Pan and zoom on photos and videos like a Ken Burns documentary. On newer devices, Splice applies this effect to photos automatically for effortless professional results.
[+] HD: Edit and export high definition videos, up to 1080p. Great with GoPro!
[+] Tools: Trim videos, crop photos and videos, set durations of photos and title slides, duplicate and delete, manage background colors, control resolution, and much more!

Make videos like a pro, on your iPhone!

If you have questions or suggestions, please email us at [email protected]

Localized for Arabic, French, German, Italian, Korean, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, Thai, and Turkish.

Note: Splice is designed for use with videos captured with your iPhone. Creating projects that contain videos from other sources may result in unexpected issues.


Splice is great

I recommend this app it’s one if not the best app for editing I like this app if I need to edit something quick bam! Splice is the first thing that comes to mind! All the filters are great! The still some work to improve like text time so say I set a text and I want it to last for 3 seconds until something else comes up so it would say “hey you” and then it would change to “how ya doing?” But besides that splice is a great app for editing definitely would recommend

Stole money from me
Nerd eclipse

I only had the app for one day and I deleted it because I didn’t want it anymore, then today they stole $76 from me saying I paid for a subscription I didn’t want and refuse to give me a refund. This app is a scam don’t purchase it, you can’t do much with out paying for anything.

Amazing app

I’ve been using splice for a long time to edit videos and it has been such a great app to use. It has a lot of features and it’s easy to get the hang of. I wouldn’t want to use any other app. I love it

Love it.

great app.


Brilliant app!

Smh splice

Splice use to be 100% usable until they updated the app now you can’t even trim music to fit you videos the way you want once you import the song they don’t allow you to try it in the right areas for the video if there is no way around this then the app is now trash !


It was cool

5 starts

5 stars, plain and simple.

really how is no already taken


So simple!

So easy to use. Convenient. Fun!