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Discover the next evolution of spider solitaire with amazing graphics and ease of use. This is a card game like one you have never experienced before. No wonder Spider Solitaire is rated so highly!
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Spider Solitaire, along with Solitaire and FreeCell Solitaire, is part of our family of card games and puzzle games, all created with the same mix of passion for enjoyment, midnight oil, and deep technology skills to bring you the best solitaires… try the difference.

So easy to use: Spider solitaire has been built specifically for your iPhone and iPad to bring you the best card game experience ever… for you to fall in love with it over and over again like millions of our players, which rank it the best solitaire card game and best card puzzle :)
This is what some of our millions of players say:

"Great — I play every chance I get, I love this game :)"

"I love it — Can't stop playing ;)"

"Spider is a hard one to beat! — Really enjoy the challenge. Great game…."

Check out the rest of our raving reviews... and look at our ratings!!!
Spider solitaire makes it amazingly natural to control the cards movements and to feel in control:

With tap-to-place, you simply tap the right card and it magically does the right move, or when you prefer you can also use our and assisted drag-and-drop to move a card anywhere it creates a valid move

And, with our optional extra-large card symbols, squinting the eyes is a thing of the past!
With this solitaire game you get unlimited puzzle games, all free games, all best of class games. 

To the classic solitaire game we have added a Smart Point System and multiple levels of difficulty: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert :)

• Easy games start as a one suit card game partially solved to give you a fast gameplay :)

• Medium games are a one suit card game to give you a challenging gameplay :)

• Hard games are a two suit card game to give you a pretty hard gameplay :)

• Expert games are a four suit card game to give you a very hard gameplay :)
With this solitaire card game you also get all the nice features you would expect from a first class card game, such as:

• unlimited number of free games
• landscape and portrait card game play
• optimized portrait gameplay
• drag destination highlight
• suggested move auto hint
• multiple moves hinting
• automatic game save and resume
• automatic card spacing
• interface auto dimming
• selectable rich features
• independent volume settings
• unlimited undos
• cards placement hints
• tap to place cards
• drag and drop cards
• autocomplete to finish a solved puzzle
• scores, moves, and times
• statistics
• awesome graphics and animations :)
• show or hide time/battery
• online games scoring
• online achievements
• spider solitaire game rules
• … too many more to keep listing :)
Spider solitaire is a iPhone game and an iPad game combined into one iOS app. Your iPhone, iPod, or iPad automatically selects for you the iPhone app and iPad app.
The feeling of playing Spider solitaire is not just that of playing cards… it's the feeling of being part of a community… an enriching, shared experience that never makes you feel apart!

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Spread the word. This free game app rocks :)


milt the bilt

Best waste of time in a long time, especially now. God Bless President, whoops Governor Cuomo. He is not only helping the State, but the entire Country unlike a person who only speaks to help himself.

lauralisa 2

Can play for hours

Great game, done well
Charlie Tait

Awesome game!

Great game
texas frisco


Ads are intolerable

I have used thus app for years and they have had pop up adds for quite some time. I didn’t care for them, but I had no issue with waiting for them to pass, ads are the price of a free app. However ads that come in at full volume regardless of my settings are not acceptable. You don’t just disrupt what I am already listening to, but they irritate anyone nearby who isn’t even playing the game. If I am going to be rude, I’d rather it be with intent.

Quaile Chick

Love playing this game.

Todo today
Granny Tari

Love this frustrating game...makes my brainwork😳

Ken z

Good game addictive....


Rally good.

Annoying ads
rf yhn

Flashing ads and ads with loud sounds are very annoying.

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