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◆ Spending Log for iPad also available, designed specifically for iPad
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Do you have too much month left at the end of the money? Would you like to know just how much you are spending on eating out, fuel, groceries etc every month?

'Spending Log' logs your income and expenses so you can keep track of where your money is spent. You can keep track of your money going out of and in to different accounts and can categorise these transactions for easy analysis.

◆ Identify areas where you could cut back your expenditure
◆ Know for sure where the money goes

Group your purchases into categories so you can :
√ See how much you spend on groceries in a typical week
√ See what proportion of your total spend was on fuel last month
√ Split your purchases any way you like for an analysis relevant to you

'Spending Log' is highly configurable allowing you to set up accounts, categories and time periods to suit your circumstances. You can analyse how much you spend over any combination of different accounts and categories for any time period you like.

√ Highly Configurable - Make it Your Own
√ Record Income & Expenditure on Multiple Accounts - Current, Savings, Business Expense Account, etc
√ Record Income & Expenditure under user defined Categories - Groceries, Fuel, Clothes, etc
√ Analyse your Expenditure & Income over ANY time period - Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Every 10 days, etc
√ Record Account Transfers
√ Analysis includes a breakdown by Category of Expenditure Totals, Proportions & Averages over any Time Period
√ Set up Automated Reoccurring Transactions & Account Transfers - Monthly rent payment, Regular payment into a Savings Account, etc
√ View your logged Transactions in a Bank Statement like format
√ E-Mail your Transactions as a CSV file attachment from within the App ; CSV files work with most spreadsheet software
√ Set up Balance Alerts ; be alerted when approaching your overdraft limit
√ Includes Secure Passcode Entry System to keep your log private
√ See your Account Balances at a glance

'Spending Log' also has a useful 'Import' function, where you can import transaction data from Companion Apps. Companion Apps include:

√ Budgets - Expense Tracker
√ Bill Assistant
√ Fuel Economy Calculator

Where does the money go? Buy 'Spending Log' and find out.

Recent Reviews from around the Globe :
"Easy to use, flexible, can add categories-would recommend it"
"Really easy to use and genuinely useful."
"Great adaptability"
"After trying loads of apps to control outgoings, this is the best by far, very easy to use ... buy it"


Just what I need!!

This application is what I've been looking for exactly. There is, however, one tiny problem: in the analysis section, the amount of money (number) is jammed into the currency, thus the amount of money displayed is not readable. Hope you can fix it soon. THANKS!!

How to configure email?

Can’t export data through email! How to configure email to export transactions? If I change the phone can I still save the records and import them to my new phone? Please help, thanks.


Like this app very simple. Wish it included a calendar.

100 things to change

But let’s start from the very 1st things: subcategories, icons, budgets (fir categories and subcategories)

Spending App
Inner game 1

Great start . I was looking for something that told me my spending bs, budget. Income for commissioned sales people doesn't help. Looks like you will be growing the app and I look forward to it!

This app rocks!!

I love that I get to keep track of my money and spillage monthly! I'm a student and I'm on a tight budget so this info is essential. Love my spending log!

Give this person all your money

This app is friggin awesome. I really needed to keep track of what I was doing with my money and I needed an app to help me keep track. It does that. It's not confusing at all, it's like a checkbook for your cash that does the math for you. I love this app. Buy it now.

Crowded and confusing

It's ok. The app is crowded and can be confusing. God forbid you enter one wrong thing (which is very easy to do) because on this app it's easily unnoticed and can mess up your entire account calculations severely. There are better apps that do the same thing out there.

Spend Log

Needs better instructions or questions file added.


Good app but it will be better if simplified

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