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It's time to take revenge! Step into the Reprisal World where several shooting missions are waiting for you to take part.
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Fifteen years back -Somewhere in Germany- The king of Schwerin Castle became cruel after the death of his son. Joseph was murdered by some villagers. The Cruel King ordered to kill all the villagers and their families and burnt the whole village. Due to his violent order thousands of people died and hundreds of animals burnt. Fortunately, a girl was survived who is now ready to take retribution.

Superhero Spectra you are an undercover spy agent who is highly trained by the army secret service agency and you are belongs to the combat bullet strike force. You have learnt so much during your training and now it’s time to show your enemies that how desperate you are to take them down. You have to complete all the secret agent front line missions and hit harder or get arrested in this challenging superhero ranger game.

Your safety is our top priority. So be part of the ancient cover fire game and collect ancient relics from the King's Home and perform sneak shooting skills to destroy enemy unit base. Plant the bomb and move from Shadow to Shadow to strike enemy unit with deadly force and solve puzzle craft. Be the best mystery guardian Army Secret Agent commando and complete all the rescue missions as super army hero.

Spectra Ancient Spy Agent is a shooting game with sniping gun soldier aim to shoot mafia gangsters and carry destructive people weapons. Power up Spy Agents arsenal of weapons and engage in frantic combat and running fight. Be Army commando croft raider and complete all the rescue missions as army hero then you'll be awarded with the honor of secret agent of elite mission title.

In adventures of tombs of eden mission, run and swan dive your way as Spy agent ancient croft raider through mesmerizing hazardous environments. This impossible spy agent is about to expose the ancient relics truth and solve the mystery behind a shadowy conspiracy that threatens the world!

- Get the latest version of the raider game from store
- Choose the best weapon which suits you
- Choose the mode which you want to play with
- Climb into the Castle to kill the Bad Guys!

It's 21st century where people love to play shooting games into their spare times. So we brings a story base ancient shooting game for you which will make you to feel that you are in a real world shooting battlefield. Its time to press the Install button to have a best shooting game into your cell phone. Let's the fun begin!

Spectra Free Fire : Survivor Gun Shooting Games - Features:
• Breathtaking Story Base missions which defines the ultimate secret of tomb
• Modern battle field environments
• Free style fighting and shooting game
• Secret Army Agent action game weapons
• Reliable controls
• Auto and manual shooting modes
• Amazing graphics
• Puzzling Adventure
• Free to play game

Download ancient spectra city relic hunter game from the store which is in the list of most thrilling shooting games among top free shooting games category.


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