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Sparkling Color Book - Coloring Pages for Boys and Girls

Paint the sky with animated sparkles, and easily stay in the lines! Have fun painting pictures with the only coloring app that has sparkle crayons. Paint in patterns, too! There are also blank drawing pages for you or your kids to color whatever you can imagine up. This game also features an eraser and fill bucket for fast fixes and quick paint jobs.
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Enjoy uninterrupted play, since this app has no advertisements.

You can easily stay within the lines using this app. Just touch a section of the picture, and only that section will be active while you are still touching the screen. You can still paint and scribble with your finger, but the color will stay in the lines even if your finger does not. This helps teach children organized coloring rather than simple scribbling. Use the fill feature to quickly color each area. Be creative in the free draw section, where you can create your own masterpieces from a blank canvas. Each picture is saved after you complete it. Use small, quick strokes to make thinner lines, or fast strokes to make thicker lines if you want to paint quickly.

It doesn't matter if you're an adult or child or toddler or even a baby. This app will still be loads of fun. Colour a princess, finger paint a dragon, draw a pony, dress a king, paint a dinosaur, and bring a robot to life in this magical coloring app.

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So much fun!!
I want my 2 dollars.

This app entertained my kids for hours. I love the patterns and sparkling options. Can't wait to buy more packs.

Keeps those toddlers happy
TollHouse Captain

This app is the perfect countermeasure for any setting I encounter an unhappy toddler. Restless or unhappy kids quickly quiet and focus on coloring.