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Pop the Orbs and Save the World!
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Games $2.99 10tons Ltd. iPhone, iPad, iPod


"Highly polished and easily recommended action puzzler."

(5/5) "It's a blast."

(5/5) "Sparkle has wonderful details and exciting gameplay."

(4.5/5) "Sparkle has taken over the throne as best marble shooter in the App Store. MUST BUY."


Get ready to save the Crowberry Woods in this marble shooter hit!

Banish the Orbs of Darkness with your Orb Slinger by tapping where you want your orb to land. Match three same color orbs to make them disappear. Match more to earn amazing Powerups! Don't let the Orbs of Darkness fall into the abyss!

Discover more than ten powerful Amulets like Firebolt throughout your journey. Use the Amulets to clear some of the trickier challenges. Embark on an extraordinary journey and reclaim your land!


- Enjoy hours of top quality action puzzling
- Travel through Crowberry Woods and discover more than 10 powerful Amulets
- Use over a dozen powerups
- Game Center Achievements
- Magnificent soundtrack (check the trailer!)
- Uncover the 12 secrets of the woods. Hint: Butterflies
- Wide selection of different hand crafted levels
- 3 game modes: Quest, Challenges, and Survival.
- Includes colorblind mode.

Check out the gameplay trailer:


Fun, Challenging, and Addicting
Speed Ball

The graphics and game play are well done. The game plays better on iPad than iPhone because of space constraints as the chains get closer to the hopper. Sometimes the spaces get so tight that you accidentally switch "balls" instead of launch one, which is frustrating. Great game though. I can't wait for part II.



Really fun
Bubba revas

This game is polished and is really fun to play. you can't beat free!!

Derek Wei



This game makes me feel like a wizard. I love this game and I've only had it a few days!

Absolutely brilliant
Poorna Shankar

I saw through IGN that this game was free for a limited time only and boy am I glad I downloaded it! What an absolutely addicting, intuitive, and innovative take on the marble shooter genre. I recommend this game to anyone and everyone!

Great game

Sort of like Zuma but better. I am very happy I got it for free but would have gladly payed for it.


Too difficult.

Very good game
Tiago Amaro

Great game, better than zuma and it was free!

Love it