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SoundCloud lets you hear more music & audio.
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Find new and trending music. Collect tracks and playlists. Follow friends and artists. Discover podcasts, comedy and news.

Wherever you are. Whatever you’re doing. The SoundCloud app lets you hear more.

More hip hop. More rock. More electronic. More classical. More house, jazz, audiobooks, sports…


- Explore Trending Music and Trending Audio feeds
- Search directly for tracks, artists and other users
- Create & listen to playlists
- Follow friends and artists to hear what they share
- Browse tracks by genre
- Listen to your stream wherever you are using WiFi or data
- Play, pause and skip tracks from the lockscreen
- Login or register with Facebook and Google+
- Anonymous listening: download the app and play popular songs or audio without creating an account


It’s easy to dive straight in and start discovering music & audio.
Try the Explore section to find trending music & audio of just about every genre you can think of.
As you explore, tap the heart to ‘like’ and save your favorites for later playback.
The Search page lets you find your favorite tracks, and artists. Follow their profiles so you can listen to the new music they post in your Stream.

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“SoundCloud is focused on building out a massive trove of content, weaving it all into the Web and making it easier to share. The “YouTube for audio” analogy looks increasingly apt, especially if its metrics continue to shoot skyward.” - ReadWrite

“SoundCloud is a sharing machine. Remember the early days of audio online — when you had to download the Real Player or Windows Media Player to listen? The days of downloading before listening are over.” - USA Today

“It's an evolution of audio's most vital self-service creation and discovery platform, music's best analogue to Twitter, YouTube, and Kindle Direct Publishing. It's not just finding or sharing songs or podcasts or spoken-word readings your friends may be listening to — it's finding and sharing the people who make those recordings, too.” - The Verge


Like what you hear? Let us know, and share your discoveries with the world.

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Your privacy is really important to us. We only ask for the permissions we need for the app to be at its best.

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If you have any more questions get in touch with us - see the help section.

This app is available in English, Spanish & Portuguese.


Suge ?

My brother is on this app

Stop upgrades

Stopped loading songs after upgrades. Also after an upgrade a while ago it does this really annoying thing. If I disconnect from Bluetooth or aux it will resume playing from the phone speaker instead of pausing. Now every time I exit the car it starts playing in my pocked. Also, if I pause and jump to a couple different apps it reloads and loses its place where k wS listening. You have to like a track in order to find it again, there's no recently listened to history section.

Horrible app

Can't even find my friends. Did a baby make this app?!

Play offline !!

Awesome app

They call this an IOS?

You can get better stats on your songs and updates on the regular web interface. On this watered down version you can't check stats or comments or mail or notifications NOTHING! These ------- took away all the functionality out of their original app and called it an IOS?? Smoke some more of whatever it is your High On Soundcloud. You created a crippled watered down hipster app and gave us less for more hype and graphics???? Watch your stock go DOWN along with your Reputation... Looks like the programmers created this app to impress their mommies and not a robust public that likes their music. They also took out group sharing

Can't see artists I'm following

I can see tracks that I've liked but no way to see all the artists I'm following without wading through the stream or performing a search.

Kinda annoyed by few things
The masturbating bear

I pay 10.00 dollars a month to use soundcloud go which is nice to never listen to ads! But the app has never had a makeover in YEARS. Spotify changes their look to make it more user friendly SO OFTEN. You add certain functions that are nice but the app needs a fresh look!!! Also how come I'm paying so much for soundcloud go and then some of my favorite songs randomly become unavailable in my country?? So frustrating. Still love all my music and love soundcloud but what the hell??? Also I was adding a song to my playlist from my likes but my playlist only lets it show up for a second without deleting it. Other songs are unavailable offline which is okay.. Though I'm unsure why. But this song in particular just doesn't even allow itself to exist on my playlist but it does for my likes. Please address these issues?? -happy but frustrated soundcloud listener and go subscriber.


Awful ... use Spotify or pandora or even YouTube for streaming music.

Good app

This app is great but the one flaw is that it needs a replay button for song like Apple Music

I love it

I just wanted to say I love this app