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Sound off with Sound Clips for Messenger! Send pre-recorded sounds and phrases to make your messages come to life.
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Entertainment Free Facebook, Inc. iPhone, iPad, iPod

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Yummy margarita

Why no preview?

Dump It

I'm not downloading or sending anything I can't preview - poor design.

Uninstalling now

Give me a way to sample the sound before sending and I may redownload.

Missing the fart sounds.

I saw my friend with an android use this and they had fart sounds. That's the only reason why I downloaded it. So when I found out it didn't, I deleted it right away. They should add way more sounds!


I can't preview sounds!!!!!


Great app

Messed up my phone

So I downloaded this app and my phone immediately started acting funky... videos had sound but no pics, other apps would just shut down. Finally by the next day my screen went white and I couldn't get it back. So off to the Apple Store. Thankfully they got it fixed but it still acted sketchy. Then I remembered the issues started at the same time as the download of this app. I immediately deleted the app and have not had any problems. Coincidence? I don't know but I'm not gonna test my luck.

peter morison

facebook logic . ?

Perfect App
Dilkhaz Zain

Thanks for This App

Good But...
Lambe Family

I like the app but cannot get the sounds to play while I'm selecting. I have to send it to hear it. I have an IPad running 8.3. Please fix this and you'll get 5 stars.