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Sound off with Sound Clips for Messenger! Send pre-recorded sounds and phrases to make your messages come to life.
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Entertainment Free Facebook, Inc. iPhone, iPad, iPod

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peter morison

facebook logic . ?

Perfect App
Dilkhaz Zain

Thanks for This App

Good But...
Lambe Family

I like the app but cannot get the sounds to play while I'm selecting. I have to send it to hear it. I have an IPad running 8.3. Please fix this and you'll get 5 stars.

Great app
Thankful consumer

Killer app


I had this app for one day and all my friends are wanting it so now we have sound wars and it's awesome!!!!!!!!

Good but recommend peal sounds for messenger

I like this app but it seriously lacks in its quantity. I want to send clips from the movies, TV shows and others. I found this app called peal sounds which just has about everything I'm looking for. It has sound clips from the popular TV shows and more.

No Preview

Irresponsible not allowing a preview of sound before sending. If it exists, the feature is not intuitive to the application.

Reduculous waste of time!

What is the point of this stupid app? I can send any sound I want with messenger! Why would anyone want to send juvenile and useless sounds as a text message? Don't bother downloading - it's a waste of space and time. Unless your 3 years old then you might have a use! I guess you could use it to entertain an infant!!