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Sort It 3D is free iOS app published by SUPERSONIC STUDIOS LTD


Jim’s Macbook

I paid for this so I wouldn’t have any ads and I STILL get ads for games. Ergghhh. Said no ads!

False Advertising!

Dawn Chelsea

The game itself is fun and relaxing but there is no point to it. I’m at the 900 level now and there has been no change and no challenge. The ads that I saw for this game showed a lot more balls than 4 in each tube which gave me the impression that the game somehow got more challenging or at least interesting. I’m considering a class action lawsuit for Faldo advertising! I want my money back! 😂

It’s not that good


All you do is sort some balls and then you did it is not that fun at all

Flaws in game


I have played up to level 420 each level passed and gift available can not claim when you depress green button to accept gift it does not allow you to it only allow you to depress lose gift and not able to click on get gift earned

When does it get more challenging?


I have really enjoyed this game but am on level 375 and it has been the same level of challenge for quite some time. Obviously if I have played this much, I enjoy sorting but need more at this level.

Too ads


too many ads are boring ads for this easy game on each level aren't exciting 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎



I don’t want you going home I want you you want me you want you I know I don’t know how to you tell mom I don’t know how you do you have a sleepover I love mom I love her mom and mom I am going home love mom

Totally Fun

Gaming Junkies

It’s a fun game and deserves 5* but so far I have had to download and then delete it 2 times. I was only on level 95 no biggie but it freezes up and screen goes black. Kind of a drag. Now I’m on level 282 & again it’s freezing when I’m trying to close my gift. Please fix if I can endure the endless adds you can fix this game.



There are too many ads

What’s the Deal!!


I can NEVER get the x10 210 Or the Prize! Everyone Has been LOST because it won’t let me get it. Ridiculous I keep thinking next time, but no it doesn’t happen. What is going on? Am I doing something wrong?

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