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Sonos is a system of HiFi wireless speakers and audio components designed for every space in your home. It unites your digital music collection in one app that you control from any device.
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Feel the music come to life when you immerse yourself in Sonos sound. Hear every song as it was meant to be heard and every instrument as if you were in the studio or the front row.


Use your smartphone, tablet or computer to stream different songs in each room, group rooms together, or hear the same beat everywhere.

Listen to all the music you love, no matter where it lives. Imagine your music library, music services and more than 100,000 free radio stations, podcasts and shows blasting off the walls of every room.


No rewiring. No complex programming. Place your Sonos speaker anywhere in the house and connect to your home WiFi network with an intuitive mobile app. Build a house of sound, one room at time, and control your entire home audio system from your phone or tablet.


A big step backward

I am a long time Sonos user and have been part of many betas etc... I am disappointed to say that the latest version of the controller app is a significant step backward in usability. Where it was manageable to navigate to get to alarms etc... before, it is now several layers deep in “settings” to manage alarms, which is one of the things that my family relies upon each morning... I hope this get fixed and the things that people use actually get easier to find and use rather than harder...

I love the speaker but hate the app

The app is the worst, it has a problem finding the speaker on the network. I have to reboot the speaker and it works, the an hour later if I want to raise or lower the volume through the app, it can’t find the speaker again even though the speaker is playing. This has been the problem for over a year you think Sonos will fix such problem, the irony is my automation app can find and play music on sonos speaker without a problem. Fix it sonos!

Useless with my iPhone and iTunes after update!

I was thrilled with the Sonos speakers until the latest update. My family bought me 3 of these speakers to use with my iTunes library of music. I have, over the years, purchased more than 3,000 songs on iTunes. These speakers were guaranteed to work easily with my iPhone, iTunes and Sonos app. Since the latest update my phone no longer connects and my legally purchased songs are no longer playable through the expensive speakers!!! I will NOT pay again to play music that I already paid for!!! Airplay2 no longer connects for me either. These speakers are now useless pieces of garbage unless I am will to pay a music streaming service

Won’t connect to the sonos after apple update.

My sonos won’t play any selected music since my iPhone updated a couple days ago. The app sees the speakers and can group them and everything else but play music. I factory reset one speaker and it seemed to work temporarily but now in the same situation again. Is this an issue that anyone else is having on a regular basis?

Sonos App won’t play music on iPhone

It used to work great but Sonos support told me they cannot keep up with iOS updates so the only way to play music on my iPhone is through AirPlay.

So Upset

I’m so upset as I cannot play my own music. Thosands of songs I’ve bought for some many years. The functionality “on this iPhone” is not available anymore since the last update. It’s ridiculous that this brand is forcing you to listen only to Spotify. I used to be a huge promoter of this brand. Not anymore. So angry and so upset.

Good till now

I don’t know about everyone else but as soon as I updated to the new version I started having problems. Certain speakers going in and out while playing music and songs ending 20 seconds early. Not to mention the app not accurately reflecting what is actually going on. (Ex. 2 speakers are playing but the app says 4 are or it still says you’re playing a song when the next song has already been playing for awhile). I’ve never had problems with the system before, but this new update almost renders it unusable.

iTunes not seamless

I would like to give it a five but the browsing of albums is not fun or efficient line directly in iTunes. You can’t see the year of the album and other info that is necessary when browsing. Sound on these is amazing. Let’s go Sonos find a way to make better! Thx

Recent 10.4 Sonos won’t update

Hi I can’t proceed to next update fix your app. Just keeps getting stuck on the first process and I can’t continue with no sound after that please fix thanks long time Sonos user.

Removed Wifi Play

Sonos removed the ability to play music stored on your phone. This is what I primarily used my 6 Sonos speakers for and now I will sell them for another system.