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SeaStatus Marine Weather contains the tide, swell and many other pertinent marine weather conditions on a few simple screens. For free.
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Weather Free Sofar Ocean Technologies, Inc. iPhone, iPad, iPod

- Over 2,000 locations in the continental U.S.
- Pinpoint accuracy
- Only the freshest data

- Wind Speed
- Wind Direction
- Weather Conditions
- Temperature
- Sunrise / Sunset

Water Screen
- Swell Height
- Swell Direction
- Swell Period
- Water Temperature
- Current Tide Height
- High / Low Tide

Forecast [Premium Feature]
- All Locations
- 24-hour Forecasts
- Hour-by-hour Accuracy

Our focus is on good design, efficient user experience, and insightful weather data.

Our simple goal: Get more people on the water doing what they love.


Grate app

If you fish , this is the app for you .

Great APP
Striper Run

I purchased this app a few years ago, The price was very reasonable and the information is right on. Before planning any fishing trip This app is my go to for Wind speed, Tides, Wave height ,and Swell direction.

Uscg captain


Sea Status
FV Side Chick

The app is very helpful here in South Florida.

Water Temperature/ Naples, Florida

The water temperature on your app for Naples, Fl has not changed from 76.12 degrees for almost five months. The true temperature is 67 degrees....lets get with and fix the app, not happy with the app and its performance !!

Perfect for windsurfing

Title says it all - excellent ‘conditions’ summary backed up by detailed info. Hits all the locations I am interested in.

Fishfinger, extreme surfcaster

I’m a Surfcaster, fishing the entire New England cost line. This App provides all of the most important information a surfcaster needs. Especially helpful is the most current water temperature at all of my favorite ✳️ location. I don’t think there’s another free app that gives it subscribers ocean water temps. For this reason alone I’m going to subscribe for there pay version. It’s such a SMALL yearly fee. They definitely deserve it, for putting together such a great app.

Useful for water resorts
Nord from USA

I have been looking for a such app for a long time. In my opinion, there is enough information about water, if you enjoy fishing or doing other water resorts.

Needs Improvement

Long time user of this app. The new version lacks stations for 100+ mile stretch of coast. This stretch happens to be one of the busiest water ways for commercial and recreational boating in the southeast. The new version also gives no current wind speed. Wind direction and future forecasted winds are the only wind data available. The old version gave current and past wind speed which was helpful for boating plans. I contacted the developer and received a response but no changes were ever made. I do not use the app anymore but keep it in the hopes that changes will be made in future.

Lilly Simmons

I downloaded this application on my husband’s phone. His is oceanologist. He said this app is like professional equipment