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Smarter Kids is the fun app for kids of all ages to practice math, English, and more! The app’s endearing animals inhabit an interactive world waiting to be explored. It’s a world where kids are in charge. By moving or ‘cloning’ animals, kids can change the questions asked and see the results. And question difficulty adjusts automatically.
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Education Free James Dempsey iPhone, iPad, iPod

Smarter Kids has something for everyone. The math whiz will enjoy the challenge of counting the animals. The bookworm can practice spelling. The detail-oriented will be drawn to the “Which one is not like the others?” game. The artist will want to arrange the animals, or customize their hats and other accessories. And for fun, the animals say the funniest things with English accents from around the world.

Smarter Kids is specially designed for kids between the ages of 18 months and 14 years. Babies and toddlers can use the baby-safe games to get instant rewards while learning numbers and ABC's. Older kids progress all the way to multiplication.

Smarter Kids can be played anywhere. Play on a large-screen iPad at home or an iPhone while on the go.

There are eight games. Three of those games, advanced levels, and some features (e.g. cloning and animal customization) are available with purchase of a monthly, auto-renewing subscription. Basic and Elite subscriptions cost US$0.99 and US$5.99 per month, respectively.

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