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Smart Phonics Tree House 5

Learn phonics and have fun with the Smart Phonics Treehouse!
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Education $1.99 e-future Co., Ltd. iPad

Based on the best-selling ™Smart Phonics Franchise by e-future, The Smart Phonics Tree House series offers English as a Foreign Language (EFL) learners a systematic and enjoyable way to master English phonics though listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

Smart Phonics Tree House 5 is the fifth of a five part series designed to guide students through the stages of phonics.


- Comprehensive 12 lesson structure covering double-letter vowel words.
- Linguistic theory-based activities
- Animated games and review lessons
- Beautifully illustrated storybooks
- Engaging characters and art captures a child's imagination
- Dynamically created lessons to target a child's specific needs
- Progress monitoring and custom lesson creation

The Smart Phonics Tree House Development Team actively seeks feedback to keep our products “awesome”. Please send feedback to [email protected]

Join Jen, Yan and Bub in their quest to conquer the English language!


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