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New version with Multi-Player over Wifi, 3G Network with your Friend every where, every free-time !
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• 100% free !
• SmallChess5x6 is quite difficult version designed for Teen age from 9 and 10, extern 5x5 version.

Full Chess with 8x8 cells is too Large on Smart. It's too difficult for Teen. So, I write this Chess game for Teen age. Player can change 3 of 5 values by select use castle, bishop or knight. King and Queen is default and can not change.

Game used for two player. Use on Hand phone, Tablet. Best use for IPad. SmallChess5x6 can play in 10 to 15 minute, may be free time. Suitable for parents teach their children how to play KingChess before play true Full-Game with 8x8 cells


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