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Slow Motion Fx Video Editor

• Apply slo-mo, time lapse & stop motion
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Photo & Video Free Brain Craft Ltd iPhone, iPad, iPod

effects on your videos.
• Edit video speed up to 240fps or 4x faster.
• Adjust video speed form particular frames.
• Record live video with speed control options.
• Add music on video.
• Share your edited video to Instagram, Youtube, Facebook,
Twitter & other medias.
• High resolution video output.
• Quick processing time!
• Simple & very easy to use!

In-App Purchase Features:
• Adjust slo-mo position.
• Add unlimited music at slo mo video.
• Ads free version

Download & have fun while its free!

Found any bug? or Have any suggestions? or Wanna new features?
Please mail us at: [email protected]
keep in touch to receive all updates. Thank you!


Wouldn’t let me save/export video

Pretty disappointed after spending time looking up tools, downloading and purchasing this one, and making my video that it would not let me save.


I just wanted to use this video for my tik toks but it keeps saying to buy stuff not πŸ‘Ž

My gallery

It keeps saving the video to my gallery over and over again

Fix it


Just Not Great
Kateo The Potato

This app is very useless if you need to have slo-mo in a specific spot you have to pay even though it's a SLO-MO APP! I am look for a good slo-mo app for my TikTok and almost all of them you have to pay! But hey if you wanna go ahead and pay then do it! (no hate!!!)

Adds after I paid?

Paid for an app. Adds should no longer pop up. Been on the app 5 min and had 7 add pop ups.

I love but.........
Goodddddddddd apppp

I love this app but I wish you didn't have to buy the Music like I love the slo mo I just really want musicπŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ’”

Great app but...

When you do a video in slow motion, it kinda skips. But fast motion is great. The high voice, the fast movement, well, ya know what I mean. Also, great selection of music. I took a video of a goat snoring and added dramatic music.LOL. I would recommend that you fix slow motion. This app is great, though.

Can’t test the full functionality before deciding to buy
artifice white

I was hoping to see if the app would allow creating a “twixtor” effect and see how the resulting export would look like. Unfortunately, you’d have to purchase first. I don’t feels like dealing with the hassle of refunds if it doesn’t work out so, no thanks.

I hate it
Amani Althawadi

This is the worst one I’ve seen by far.Its stupid how you have to pay for the one where you adjust what parts you want to be a slowmo. πŸ‘Ž