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One of the most loved Social Slot experiences on Facebook is now available for iOS!
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Slot Factory boasts many original slot machines with amazing bonus features. Free credits every hour!

Chat with friends while you spin to win!

More games and features coming soon!


Factory Worker's Dream
Mr. Wheeler Dealer

I love Slot Factory on Facebook and I love it even more on my iPhone!!!!!

Great but needs work

I like the game but it needs a little work on its graphics and needs a Facebook login. Everything is hard to see on the iPhone too. Other than that it could be a 5 star app.


Don't know how all these people are winning ( BILLIONS) of coins on these slot games. They MUST BE BUYING THEM. There's no way all these people in the chat room are winning that much. Weird to [email protected]

Love game

Love game

Mobile app not like Facebook game
Eddie Quig

I don't know how to link my iPad info with my Facebook account, then the Slot Factory would be great. I don't how people are winning all that money that is posted in the chat section. Slot Factory needs to come up with the same incentive as face book as well for mobile apps. At least on Facebook they give money almost once a week so it is possible to play more then a few minutes a day. Can't seem to hit any bonuses to get extra money to play on. I just have to remember to log in and collect money for a week to play for an hour. Hope the designers at Slot Factory reads there ratings page and gives their customers what they want to improve their ratings on mobile apps. I do love the games but can't rate the mobile app high.

Slot factory

This truly a fun games. The only thing is that intakes to long to open other games. Thank you


U cant sync the game with ur fb account so u have to start at the bottom, forget that, delete



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