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Instructions, tutorials, original textures and new ideas on how to make your own Slime!
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Slime Maker is continually updated and provides you easy access to basic, intermediate and expert tutorial videos. Scour through hundreds of videos showing the latest recipes and instruction. Add fun patterns textures to your slime creations. If your addicted to making slime, then this app is for you.



I downloaded this app, as it looked awesome! I waited for it to completely download, then opened the app. It has a sign when u first come in that says “make sure you have cellular or WiFi connection to put these Slime Making tutorials in action” then bellow there is a button that says “start exploring”. Ok, press the button. It went back to my Home Screen. Ok... that’s weird, probably just my phone acting up! Opened the app again and did the same thing. I know my phone has its own WiFi and that is not the problem. I have also seen a lot of other reviews that say pretty much the same thing happened to them. So I’m pretty sure that the app is the problem here. So whoever is reading this, DO NOT GET THIS APP UNLESS it specifically says in the updates that they have fixed this. Now to the creators of this app, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! fix this bug because this seems like an amazing app and no one is enjoying it because of this HUGE problem. Ps. Yes, I am sure that it is NOT my phone and I cannot email or contact the “help” so if u actually want to help, just FIX THE STINKIN APP! PPS! I know this sounds so negative, I’m sooorrrrryyy! But this is an amazing app, I have had it before, and I’ve seen reviews complaining about ads, but I get the ads because this app is free, and it’s basically ads, or pay for the app. ANYWAY.... I would DEFINITELY give five ⭐️s if you guys fixed this.


This game is terrible it always crashes when you get in

nickname into a

It’s terrible because it wouldn’t even let me in

Scarlet Macaws

When I click on the video link it says it can’t find it why?

Me in

Every time I just try to go on the game when I can’t click start exploring it it kicked me out the game Wow bad

Ok just NO!!
infinity gymnast girl

This is so sad!!!! I got. This app because I can’t have YouTube and I love slime vids!! So it doesn’t even work!!!!! Each time I get on it it says start exploring and I click the button and it just pops off! I was so excited at first and now I’m just disappointed!!!! I’d give this zero stars if I could!!! Thx for reading bye!!!!

What the heck!

Um this game is not working and every time I press a video it say error so you need to put a fix button! Not to be rude though. Fix it I use to really love this app but now my love for it is gone until you fix it!?? oh and one more thing add a search bar!

It is cool

I love that you can watch YouTube videos on it but it doesn’t let me in some videos with or without WiFi or cellar data

Do not get!!!?

When am scrolling it just plays a add and when I click a video it goes start to a add then goes out of the app!! I wish I could give 0 stars!


when i first got this app i thought, this would be helpful to make some slime!! But then when i started regonizing the youtube videos, i relized that the creator was taking videos from youtube and putting them on this app. Wayy to many ads. dont recomend

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