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Sleep Fan - Night Noise Sounds

Sleep Fan is a super fan noise for deep sleep. For all people who have bad sleep, or suffer from insomnia or when they want fan noise to be heard during sleep.
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Utilities $2.99 Veaceslav Muntean iPhone, iPad, iPod

White noise of the fan was created specifically to help you fall asleep faster, to help relax, relieve the stress that accumulates all day.
Also fan noise can help your baby fall asleep faster.

Use the best 12 super fan noise sounds.

Every fan from 12 others have 3 high quality fan noises. Now use powered speed Low/Medium/High

- 12 super fan noise sounds and animations
- 3 power speed (Low/Medium/High). Power speed of fan and fan sounds
- Includes 18 color themes
- Set timer for playing fan up to 24h
- Includes Fan oscillation - the fan and sound of a fan is oscillate left and right
- Includes sound fading
- Set Auto play on/off when app is starting
- Set on/off animation for fans
- Set volume directly on app
- Remembers your last used fan
- Availably on lock screen controls - play/stop/previous/next and volume control
- Plays in the background
- Works simultaneously with other music apps

Wish you have a good sleep every night!


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