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Business Free Arctic Shores Ltd iPhone, iPad, iPod

The following iOS devices are no longer supported by this App:
• iPhone 4 & 4s (iPhone 5 onwards meets the minimum specification)
• iPad 1& 2
• iPad mini 1
• iPad Air 1
• iPod touch generation 1- 4

You can not use the app without a username and PIN. This is a psychometric assessment for job selection developed by Arctic Shores and is not intended for recreational use. The company you have applied to will send you a username and PIN that will only be valid for a certain time period.

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Thank you,

The Arctic Shores Team.


Test taking game

7430. Itll measure your risk tolerance and how you react to different situations. Other games include identifying emotions based on pictures. All in all it was relatively intetesting


Just no

Stupid game.

Tests how fast you can be by tapping the screen. Level 2 and level 5 are based on luck and factors you have no control over or how to know. This is the worst corporate platform I have ever used in my life.


Interesting assessment method. It’s cool to try something new.

Took a little long

It was a little bit long, but it’s useful for serious employers I guess to determine whether or not you are serious about pursuing a job with them. I got a score of 5300. I wish they went over your results with you and what they mean.

Horrible way to review applicants

If how fast you can tap your cellphone screen is a good indicator of future job performance, then this app is perfect. Better suited to entertain kindergartners than to screen applicants, this application makes a mockery of the recruitment process, and despite what it’s marketing material says, your performance is largely dependent on how many video games you play.

Exciting !!

A very exciting way of Assessing potential was fun but at times difficult but overall I enjoyed it.

Great app!

Honestly it was a very new and fun way of assessment. In general I say it’s better than the old picture wise assessment. Believe it or not it helped me understand my weaknesses. Awesome !



Great App by all means :)
Faisal Alkaabneh

Well you saw the title. This application is super fun and nice. That was a part of a job application. The app ran smoothly and the games are cool. I truly appreciate the work done in that app and the science behind it. One note to the developer though: the last round included kind of pattern prediction exam. Upon completion I received a score of 1000. It said I was granted 1000 pts since I competed stage four with no info about how many problems I solved. That left me distracted and confused. Nonetheless since this was stage 4, i.e., last stage in the game, it had no effect on what is next. I passed the exam as set by the company since I was invited to the next stage. Many thanks again and keep it up :)

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