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Sky Guide is paid iOS app published by Fifth Star Labs LLC

Completely worth every cent.


I have all of the upgrades and this is one of my favorite apps to use. EVERYONE loves the app when I show them things. If I use my iPad pro... I lose it for a few hours.



One of the few legend apps that always have their place on a fresh iPhone.

Sky guide


Not what l expected



Fun & easy to use

Amazing app


I love this app! I children and I spend many nights outside exploring the infinite night sky!

Great app


Really enjoy the app

Gazing with enjoyment


The detailed information is makes looking up a joy. And bonus- rocket and space station sightings- thank you



Love this app made well and enjoyable

Ohm’s Law

Joe McGuigan

The Strength Of a Directional Current is Directly Proportional To The Potential Difference Across The Horizontal Axis Inversely Proportional To The Resistance Of The Circuit

People rise!


I love being notified of when the international space station is about to pass over-head in the night sky. It is the thing my childhood dreams were made of back in the 1970’s. On our evening walks, it is cool to get notified to look up and see an iridium satellite flare. I appreciate the red night screen that protects our night vision when using this app out in the field with our telescopes. The back ground music is beautiful. I appreciate everything about this app. I still have much to discover.