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Sky Gamblers: Cold War is paid iOS app published by ATYPICAL GAMES LLC

Great game


Love the controls and graphics


پارسي كولا

It was a nice game but I wonder if it has helicopter!

Awesome game

Cops show up


Great game


Easy controls great graphics not sure why no one plays online but this is one of their better games.

How to make your wings sweep?


F111 and F14 can sweep their wings like their real-life counterparts in the trailer. However this never works on my iPhone. Only MiG-27 can sweep its wings. Why?


Essence of India

The best plane game in the world ?

Love it!


Sky gamblers make the best airplane simulator games ever...

Pretty good


Good game and graphics, but the virtual D-pad needs some work. It won't let you do a loop around with it on.