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Sky Gamblers: Cold War is paid iOS app published by ATYPICAL GAMES LLC

Okay game


This game has good graphics except that the enemy planes kept crashing into me

Why no crash?

Black Beard2222

On the mission operation ice pack I saw enemy planes crash into the sea and not explode they acted as if they were in free play mode so please fix it where they die if they crash

Amazing Game


Wonderful graphics. Fun gameplay. A variety of missions ranging from helicopter gunner ops, to VTOL bombing missions, to the classic dogfight. This game offers the fun iPhone aerial warfare game I have been looking for.

Great game, but it has some flaws


Okay, so, the first game of your guys' I ever played was Storm Raiders, so that sets the bar pretty high. What's up with the names? E.G., the MiG-15. Why the heck is it called RFS15? But overall, good game. One of the best games on iOS. (at least it's better than Air Supremacy.



Good game. Hard to aim in the camera mode. Not as good as Air Supremacy, but better than Rise of Glory. Helicopter rocks uncontrollably when hit for no reason. F4 Phantom is butt-ugly with twin tails instead of one. However, everything else is perfect! :P

All good till 3rd mission


Good graphics but something is wrong with the third mission. Flying around for 5 minutes only locking up the enemy but you are not allowed to shoot or you fail the mission. If you don't keep of the enemy tail then you fail. What is the point? It is a never ending turn and burn.

Read bout flaws

Spider pig 24

So I got this game and the 4th or 3rd level is impossible with the blackbird. Right as the camera turns it the says you've been here to long and then I'm back in the plane and die. Even with my flares. Pls make the levels easier.

Love it

El crítico 124533664467557890

Great app with great features. The price is worthy.



I'm just here for the free plane.



Well it a bit better than The UFO infesting Air Supremacy Multiplayer but I have a little problem with cockpit view mode when I am park on the runway for some jet but other than that minor thing it still a good game.