Sky Gamblers: Cold War Reviews

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Sky Gamblers: Cold War is paid iOS app published by ATYPICAL GAMES LLC

Boring, boring


I can not Believe that I got fooled again. These game makers are so greedy. I had Air Supremacy Sky Masters game, but the creators never upgraded, and now the game is not working with iOS 11. and I had paid $5.99 for that game, and I had no choice buying this game. But these planes don’t go fast, and so boring, every time you want to get a better plane you have to pay for it. Do not get this game. If The creators do not earn any money they will be forced to make a game which will be worth it.

Amazing but we want the battleships to engage their enemies!!!!

Mr planeold

This is one amazing game in all aspects but the only thing is that the battleships don’t fire!!!!!!

Great game


Great game, amazing graphics.

Fast flying


Imagine going Mach 3 and performing a hairpin turn! Normally the pilot would die :-) but it’s very fun and an addicting multiplayer game. Same as storm raiders just jets

Great game


Graphics are amazing:D

Good game

Shrek's onions

Like the game. Just needs more people to be online to play with

Mission 5 the iron curtain

the anti pricy dude

I have a complaint for the mission iron curtain because when ever I fly straight at the migs I always die even when do evasive menuvers I always die. And the engine shutting done doesn’t help either. Please fix this and I will be back on the game

Awesome game


Great game just please improve the controls

Very amazing


This Combat flight sim is amazing!!! I love the dynamics and the features and the stuff that is possible in this game because basically no other flight sim has what this game does. Just straight up insane man great flight sim

Great game