Sky Gamblers Air Supremacy Reviews

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Sky Gamblers Air Supremacy is paid iOS app published by ATYPICAL GAMES LLC

No updates!


I used to enjoy this game! But now with the iphone X I can’t! Make some updates will you! We payed good money for this!



This game is indeed epic, however why the framerate is locked at 30FPS after update? I am using iPhone 7 for god’s sake! this is absurd... Please make sure to make a 60FPS mode in future update!

A very enjoyable game


Great graphics, great gameplay. Great game in general.

Unfair Advantage

Frame freeze

Why are IMACS playing this game with iPads and iPhones? They turn faster and over power the less powerful devises, they can also alter the opponents device. An unfair advantage which is against all games associated with I devises and equality of efforts and forces. Please keep the iMacs out of iPad, iPhone, and iPod games. Not a hard hack but unfair for those trying to play fair....

Thank You


It's a wonderful game it's just it would not let me get past the second campaign 4th mission,it is a wonderful game but I do think spaceships are way to op and easy to get

One of the best games I played

Angry Gamerrrr

This is one extraordinary game

Carrier bugs


Make it so that you can land on the carriers in the map aftermath. Great game though you should make another map. Add more carriers to maps.

Very good


This is great and I love the variety of planes!Just don't make any more ufo planes.????



Please remove the UFO or have an option to disallow it in multiplayer. Not fun when they join.


:D <3 ;)

i bought it but i don’t know why but i cannot see the game on my mac??? please help me am i stupid??