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It is as simple as a baseball game like a baseball board.
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A throw begins when you tap a throw button(ball button).
A bat swings by tracing a screen to the upper part.
When the bat hit well, the ball pops out to the field.
You miss a ball when you strongly swing a bat.
You aim at a "hit", "two-base hit", "three-base hit" of the rear of field, and please hit ball.
If the power of the ball is strong, and a timing is right, it become "the home run" across the ground.
If the ball stops on the field, it becomes "One-base hit".
When it is caught a ball by a fielder, it is "an out".
The fielder sometimes jumps at it and catches a ball.
Runner already on base will advance to as much as the batter-runner.
You can let you steal it.
**This game is different from a rule of true baseball.

The game has two modes.
1)Both teams are only attack together.
When you tap a throw button (ball button), a throw is started.
The pitcher throws a straight and a curve ball.
You play batting with a friend in turn or play the attack of both teams alone.
Outfielder's position can be changed.
2)You play against a computer.
The offense: only batting.
The defense: only pitching.
Junk ball having.
3)Facing fighting done by two people.
When a 'throw pad' is traced, the power to trace, a right and left, early ball,
a slow ball, and the junk ball are thrown out.
Outfielder's position can be changed.
Disappears ball can be used.

As for both offense and defenses, the throw is begun by the tap of the throw button(ball button).
When a ball is thrown, the junk ball can be produced.
A right batter and the port-side hitter can be selected.
The throw speed is changed.

From the "Play Option menu"
1)You can change the "batting power".
2)You can change the "Defense power".
3)You can change "inning".

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