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Simple Ever is a third party Evernote app. For a very low $0.99 ,you can enjoy two of the $45/year Evernote premium features:
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Productivity $0.99 Apps for Evernote Limited iPhone, iPad, iPod

1.Pin lock
2.Offline notes

Plus, you tap a note, you get into the edit mode directly, unlike in Evernote app, you have to tap twice to edit a note.

All your data is stored in your Evernote account, we don't store and don't access them.We simply transfer them to Evernote, to ensure maximum security.

Simple Ever doesn't support folders or multimedia contents, as you may see from the app name, we want to keep the app simple, elegant and super fast.

If you like the app, please leave a five star rating , if you have any suggestions, drop us an email at [email protected]
We replay to ALL of your emails,promise:)


Love the app
Big more

Simple and fast

Awesome app

Easy to use

Good Job, guys!

Much simper than the Evernote app, for example, I click on a note, then I can edit it right away. In Evernote, I have to click extra 1 or 2 times. In deed it saves time. And did I mention the notes are all stored in your iPhone? Another feature that saves me time

it has offline and pass code feature
New coneet

I am using this app because it has offline and pass code feature, which is very expensive on Evernote.

Repeated sync issues with Evernote.
Green Mtn

Don't waste your money on this (cr)app!

Easy Ap

Works seamlessly. Great for quick notes.

Great App

Great app.

Love it

I love it because it links to Evernote. Easy to use to jot down a quick thought, to do, phone number etc

More Power!
Reid Douthat iTunes

This app just adds another level of power to my already favorite and most useful app: Evernote!


Can't get it going. I get spinning after authorizing connect to Evernote.

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