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Similar Selfie Cleaner is an ultimate space saving app for your iOS device. It saves space by removing similar selfies and other photos present on your device.
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Are you annoyed with the frequent message "Storage Almost Full" appearing on your device? Most of the device storage is occupied by selfies and other photos. Among these, many could be duplicate photos and removing them could save a lot of device storage.

1) Space Saver- The app is targeted at reclaiming misused space of your device to provide you additional space for more selfies. You would be surprised to see the amount of space recovered after using this utility.
2) Adjustable Settings- The similar photos can be scanned based on various parameters such as matching level, time interval and even the GPS criteria.
3) Reduces Manual Effort- Similar Selfie Cleaner scans the complete Selfies folder to find out the duplicate and similar looking photos. You also have the option to custom scan other image folders to find duplicates in them. Therefore, you don’t have to go through thousands of photos manually to remove duplicates. You can find the similar ones in a single tap and remove them instantly. Isn’t it the best?
4) Best App for Selfie Lovers- If you are a selfie obsessed person, then it’s obvious that you have hundreds of selfies on your phone. You don’t need to keep each and every one of them as there could be so many duplicates among them and it's difficult to differentiate them one by one.

Why use Similar Selfie Cleaner?
o It lets you scan and locate similar selfies in an instant.
o It allows you to scan duplicates folder wise.
o It recovers a lot of storage space.
o It scans the duplicate photos based on three parameters to give you the best results.
o It’s the best app for cleaning duplicates.

Install the app and scan for all the similar selfies/photos for free. In order to clean the photos you need to buy the In App Purchase clean functionality.

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Fake advertised

You would think this app is free, right? Think again. The very first time you’re trying to use it , you’re in for big surprise : Pay for it or lose it. Why doesn’t it say like that on the first place?? Shame.


So good 😊

No just a tease to reel you in.

After I painstakingly went through a ton of photos be as they are not automatically selected, which I actually appreciated, instead divided into smaller groups. Unfortunately you are not actually allowed to use the app unless you pay or choose to share with Facebook. I tried to opt-in for the Facebook share option however it went nowhere and couldn't share at all leaving me with the choice to pay or forget it! Guess I gotta forget it! Too bad too, it found some pics no other app did. At least could have given an option to delete a portion of photos free for the first time. Disappointed, not in the app but in the developers!!!