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Sheffelrot - Dawn of Elf

Not so long ago there was a village called Sheffelrot. In the village lived small creatures called elves that had been separated from the outside world for hundreds of years. These creatures had the ability to control earth, wind, fire and water and in some rare cases they could even manipulate organic life.
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This tale is about a little elf from that village. An outcast. His name was unknown because no one cared to ask for it. They all just called him Elf. One day the little elf got an assignment to bring a special rock back from the altar in the Sheffelrot temple. He was told that the path could be dangerous, but the reward would be magnificent.

This is the start of an epic adventure for the little elf where he will face danger, happiness, love, loss and pain. He will learn that even if you're just a small creature you can still make a difference.


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