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Learn how to read sheet music.
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Games $4.99 BidBox, LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

This application is the first in a series of games that will help you become an expert in sight reading.

Play this game for five minutes a day for a week and you'll become a sight reading treble expert.

Choose from four different exercises to work on your sight reading

- Treble 101: Learn by listening
- Treble 102: Recognize the notes
- Treble 103: Match the notes to their key
- Treble 104: Catch the notes

Complete all four sections to become a maestro.

For extra fun: challenge your other musician friends to beat your score.

Enjoy improving your music skills.

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WE SUPPORT TEACHERS: If you're a music teacher simply send an email to [email protected] with the subject line "Sheet Music Trainer" and a short description of where you teach to get a redemption code for this game.


Does not teach you to read music

This app does not teach to you to read music and gives you no starting point.

Solid app

i think this would be a solid app if it used the other clefs not just G. so i'll give it 3 stars b/c if u kno the basics of music like Face and so on, u should start familiarizing urself with the notes fairly quickly with this

It's ok

I quickly got to 75. It's just not that practical. And does not touch the low or high notes. If you know every good boy does fine and FACE, this is pointless. And only good for knowing those a bit faster.

Has potetional

Ha srry for spelling. I bought this app about 5 mins ago. I'm satisefied and high score is 11 so Im obviously a beginner which is why I like it. It makes u alot faster expecially If u just learned face and what not. Yet for $2.99 it does not tell u how to read notes. It simply quizes u on a very small range of them. This game could be EASILY recreated with flash cards :( but if they'd add a bigger range of notes, difficulties, and something like a scale tutorial...idk what im saying lol then the game has great potental! My verdict is, if u are a COMPLTE and lazy beginner like myself, buy it, if not, walk away quickley!

It's cool... I dig it...

Okay... I'm one of those Guys that have been playing guitar my whole life, and I am FINALLY trying to learn to seriously read. This is definately helping...a whole bunch! If you keep this up as much as I play Doodle Jump your bound to become a BEAST at reading music.. If your beginning or just hate reading, this is for you! If your good already...there are plenty more apps in the app store.


I know the point but I might as well just study or practice

Michael Frat

Not well thought out, seems as though this was created by someone who's more of a programmer than a musician. Someone who understands little about what is required by real musicians. It should have been priced at .99 or free. Who ever wrote this app should hang their head in shame. I'll NEVER purchase ANYTHING form this company again... That should give you some indication of it's quality or lack there of

The best
Smartee 19

This app has been most affective in teaching me how to read a music sheet Bravo

Decent app for what it is

Sure, it would be nice if it was more than just an EGBDF/FACE speed quiz, but I went into it knowing what it was. I was in need of some help more quickly identifying these notes, and that is exactly what it is doing for me, so...decent app. Read reviews before you download and you won't be disappointed.

Should be free
Cause a racket

This is a fun game for a minute or so but it doesn't quiz on the obvious difficult aspects ad in ledger lines and key signatures. I thought it would . I'm very disappointed that for the price it is way less then a serious practice tool. The note pads are also arranged in s non musical manner too. Not corresponding to any sort of real musical instrument. I'd love a refund.