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Sheet Music Trainer Piano Bass

Learn how to read sheet music.
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This is the fifth application in a series of games that will help you become an expert in sight reading.

Play the game for five minutes a day for a week and you'll become an expert in identifying bass notes.

You've got 60 seconds to identify as many notes as possible.

For extra fun: challenge your other musician friends to beat your score.

Enjoy improving your music skills.

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Very nice but...

I would have given it 5 but I think this app should be all inclusive. It should be about $2 for all. At the very least the treble and bass clef should be in the same training program and then throw in the key trainer for an extra buck. Great training aid but little too greedy with seperating all the training programs. Put them together for one good price and it will be the best iphone training app.

Great training

Good interface, fun and educational!

Great for piano learners

This is specifically piano bass training unlike many other generic sheet music stuff. The drills are just a minute long so you can practice as soon as a minute to spare.

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