Shards of Infinity Reviews

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Shards of Infinity is paid iOS app published by Temple Gates Games LLC

Amazing game, thoughtful devs.


I’m a lifelong gamer with card and deck builders my favorite. The game itself is fantastic and the app is very well done. It plays very smooth with beautiful graphics. I also wanted to give a huge thanks for the option to increase the font size on the cards. As on older gamer this simple ability makes a huge difference. Thanks for a great game and an awesome app.

Great digital port of another great Stoneblade game


Anyone who likes Ascension should definitely check this out. Uses some similar mechanics, but with many different twists. Temple Gates has done a great job of adapting the game. Interface looks and feels great. Runs smoothly. All very intuitive and easy to pick up even if you’ve never played the card game before. Best of all is that when you buy this get a game. It’s not just another mobile game trap trying to shove micro transactions in your face constantly and asking you to grind for hours every day. You get all the cards there are right away and you just play whenever you feel like it.

Excellent deck builder


Beautiful and well-made app that doesn’t destroy the battery on my older phone. Game is fun and balanced but could use a little more card variety; I’m looking forward to the upcoming expansion. One minor issue I’ve found is that when I play the ally that lets you copy a previously played card I can’t open my previously played cards to check what it’ll do. This is a very small gripe in an otherwise brilliant implementation.

Need a option to speed up CPU play.


*Update* Theres a speed option now for the cards which is awesome! They added an “Exhaust Champions” button which helps not forget since they are tucked away. Itd still be nice to play with some of the people on the facebook pages I follow without sharing me email but thats minor now and something I can bet will be added in the future cause it seems these devs listen to their fan base. 🤙🏻🙌🏻 Seems like a good quality game so far but I would love to see you add an option to speed up the play of the CPU. When you get later in the game watching each CPU card pull up, sit there for a second then get played gets really tiresome. Also I feel like the Champion cards could have a better spot, I find myself forgetting they are there and I dont use them. Also I wish there was a different method to adding friends besides entering their email, I dont know a tom of people that play this game so id like to play with anyone that does but I dont really want stangers having my email. Im a big fan of the physical game so I hope this one lives up and gets a good community of people playing!

Terrific Adaptation

The developers did a great job of translating this game for mobile. It's really fast to learn how to play because the controls are so intuitive. I especially love jumbo mode that lets you read the text on the cards more easily. There are lots of players so it's quick to get into games. Super looking forward to the expansion. Initially thought it was a bit pricey but it's a premium game and worth the money!

Great game, but slightly buggy


Update: New patch adds speed increase! It will exit you out of the game extremely quickly and repeatedly! Test your patches before you release them. Every time I start a game now, it plays maybe 1-2 turns, then crashes. Sad. But it looks like they fixed the big Zetta the Encryptor bug, so that’s huge. Keeping at 4 stars until they fix the crashes for playing with medium opponents, but like the game very much. Game is great and plays very cleanly like Ascension, but with a different theme and a couple different mechanics. Much more player against player than Ascension. There seems to be a rather small set of cards as well, but hopefully that will be addressed with DLC.



Another great mobile port of a card game. Interface is intuitive and there’s already plenty of nice features to make digital play feel snappy. One humble request: - Make the digital tutorial more prominent

Crashes Ruin the fun


Easy to learn, possibly fun to play. Wouldn’t know. Crashes after two or three turns.

Game crash


Game crashes on any difficulty greater than easy AI, no matter number of AI players on the first turn. Attempting to resume game from menu crashes app immediately. iPad Air, current iOS update.

Fantastic game!

Sgt Amazing

I have owned this card game for a little while and have really enjoyed it. The game itself does not have the numbers in cards like many other deck-builders, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in how fun and diverse the options are. This game increases in speed each round and is very entertaining and has a lot of replay value with the combinations of cards and increases in power. As far as deck builders go in card format and phone app, this one keeps my interest more than most. However, I find the game really shines with that first expansion that is not yet available in this app. That expansion gives each of the four characters unique abilities and adds a few extra cards that have a great impact on options. Good thing it is set to come out soon. The app itself looks great. It may be better to played on a tablet due to screen size, but it is not that bad on my iPhone XS Max. The app has run smoothly for me so far with no glitches or issues. In theory, I like the options to play offline against AI with multiple difficulties and to play online. I have an issue with the online though as I have not been able to get into an online match yet, but will continue to try and adjust this review as soon as I get into it. My reasons for four stars are mainly due to the lack of the expansion. Other than that, this game is absolutely fantastic. I love that I can bring it with me everywhere. Definitely recommend. This is a small game with big opportunities for varied gameplay. With that expansion, it would be even better. NOTICE: these are my personal opinions of the game. I do not used tired cliches such as “don’t listen to these other reviews” or “I never write reviews, but...” I do not discourage you from reading other reviews and I also do not feel that my review is carries more weight than others.