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You can grow plants by tapping vigorously in the game like a real capitalist get more rewards.
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In the process of planting tree, you can also need some boosters help to make it grow faster.

Enjoy your tapping!


This is a scam

The game is ok, but you have to watch all these videos to get your money, it says processing for the longest, why haven’t I received my money yet, this game is a scam like a waste of time and effort. Y’all don’t even say all this in the ads. Getting people hopes up, it’s hard out here and I’m broke I really need this money and just had a baby.

Shake Tree
Tammie's Rock

I’ve been watching this game and within 5 minutes it’s one of my favorite


Do not download this game is just a scam

9931 Montrose mail me a check for time spent

If I could sew every last one of you game scammers I would if it’s not one thing it’s another you play and play and play for hours and days just to win nothing you promise or promote winning money you promote lies and false advertising commercials saying you can win this you can win that but the only thing win is time lost if a game doesn’t let you win real money why are you and all these games on hear saying you can asking for PayPal and cash app information as if you are really goin to send winnings a player will never see passing time is one thing but when someone is playing a game with the promise of winning real money that’s 100%wrong lies false advertising and it shouldn’t be allowed because you guys have set up legal windows to prevent anyLiability on your behalf if we the player download your games that’s all the matters to you guys cause that how your winning and where loosing trying win something a player will never see I don’t know how and why these games are able to promote winning real money and know one ever does a gaming committee should be contacted and put on some sort of band to band all games that state you can win real money or games that advertising cash app or pay pal as away to receive payments from a game that you will never see or win you have to read the rules or you will be suckered in to downloading and playing a game that lies and doesn’t do anything it says cause will never see any money in your cash app or pay pal know the law cause I do and if I knew how I’d sew all of you

Stop with the fake games

Do not download it’s fake

It’s fake no money payout

When I reached my goal it never said that I had to watch 100 videos it only said the cash amount first but when I pushed to get my money that I won it said that I had to watch 100 videos in order to get the money and I had 23hrs and there is no way that is possible since the videos don’t want to work on it…so it’s nothing but a fake and a scam. The app needs to be more honest and right now it’s not it’s dishonest and they should be ashamed of themselves for trying to tell people that they will get some money if they won plus it will be put into there PayPal accounts.

Straight up FAKE

Played until I could redeem. Then it said I had to watch 100 videos to activate the order. But, yet, my alleged winnings were to IMMEDIATELY go to my PayPal, no waiting! DO NOT downy this FAKE game!!! Totally misleading!!! You Will Not be able to cash out! Will be deleting ASAP!!!!

Fun game

Fun game but there are way too many ads and it takes too long to get the amount needed to cash out

Waste of time

Very fake all they do is keep making watch videos and make u think your getting money but really your just wasting time. Would not recommend this to anyone . Horrible game.


It’s a scam! Even the ratings are fake. It gives zero money and it’s a waste of time. Watching all the ads just makes the app developer money while you gain absolutely nothing!