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Seven Minute Workout Exercise

The Seven Minute Workout app guides you with animations and audio cues through a set of 12 quick but intense exercises. Each exercise takes 30 seconds and trains a specific muscle group. The 10 seconds resting period between the exercises and carefully selected order of the exercises make sure that muscle groups can relax while another muscle group is being exercised.
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These 12 exercises using nothing but your own body and a chair helps you stay healthy and fit.

Keep doing the 7 minute workout regularly and you will start feeling healthier and fitter in no time!


Good One

Awesome I used to teach aerobics. I’m 56 and haven’t exercised in 3 years due to bad back. It kicked my butt but eventually I’ll kick it’s butt. Very good enticement to get exercising again. Thank you.

The best! 👌
Kalique Dias

I have several applications of this style, but this is the best! Besides being small, has animated instructions and ability to "jump" exercise.

Does the job

Does the job but lacks a few things. I love the design but if I'm down on the floor I can't see what's next (I'd like voice). I also can't pause it.