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Over Powered
Shamir Danilenko

High-key Low-key DOPE this thing can let you do anything in any kind of WiFi. My school blocked Fortnite, so that means that if you use the school’s WiFi you won’t be able to grind, but with this HOTTY you can, as well no one can manage what you’re doing on your phone while using VPN.☝️✅?

Amazing VPN !
Zoi Arson

After using this I have had no problem and I love it!!! Sure there are some ads when you turn it on and when you turn it off (sometimes for both) but by all that it’s amazing!!!

Shelbert Loghan

K so I don’t have data and when I go to school the WiFi is there but it doesn’t work, my sister told me to download this app and it actually worked it made the WiFi work so now I can go on instagram at school and show my friends juicy memes

Love it
Haydee Peddie

I use this just about every day it’s the best you can’t find anything better than this one this was my last option when all the vpns where paid so I got this one it’s just as good

Pretty good, very concise
Adlen Creany

So I’ve been using this app for a bit now and I must say it’s pretty good for a free VPN app that requires no subscription. I understand that there must be ads to help support this app, but it can’t be helped. Overall, my first impression with this app is a thumbs up.

Mallery Dundredge

This is very effective, because my internet will become very slow when I play the game, but when I open it, it helps my phone handle the amount. Easy to use vpn products

Great app
Aashia Lipson

I use this everyday at school so I can play on my phone in my free time it works great since the school WiFi blocks pretty much everything. 10/10 vpn app overall great performance!

Best VPN yet
Shadany Polsin

This it the only free VPN I use I used to use TunnelBear but after a certain amount of usage you have to pay for more or wait another month. There are other free VPNs out there but their connection is so poor and slow. I have had nothing but fast speeds and I haven’t been booted off the connection or anything. All you have to do is watch a short ad before connecting and then you’re set! Seriously if you need a vpn but don’t want to pay monthly fees, try this app

Best VPN!
Sybile Tofanini

Fast servers. No extra purchases are required to achieve 5 star vpn server! I tried other and a lot of competition is scam company trying to get your information. However if you fall for these scam other VPN that is not my fault as I told you so right here. Excellent vpn very satisfied would recommend to a friend. Everytime you switch back to the app it will show a 5 second pop up ad but. They are non intrusive. Ad is also displayed on the connected splash page. Enjoy ! ???l App also includes a speed test. Convenient bonus feature. I was able to get 7.88 mb/s

Limited ads only! Pretty awesome!
Abigayle Fort

This is the second one I’ve subscribed to since Opera VPN closed. The other “FREE” VPNs out there have too many ads that wherein you have to constantly refresh the VPN. They were so very inconvenient to use! I recommend this VPN because of the VERY LIMITED ads and FREE WITHOUT a trial period. Thanks to the developers!

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