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Secret Tower : 500F (RPG)

Here we present the novice Mobile Online RPG game where you need to pass through the Secret Tower’s 500 Floors competing the enemies and battling the powerful BOSSES together with your friends, as it’s a Multiplayer game too.
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Games Free jang-hee Park iPhone, iPad, iPod

Every Tower keeps some secrets. Mystery gifts are hidden there.
You will be driven speed and courage to be the best among the rest.
Express unrivalled potential in creating powerful team with your friends.

Collect the Rare Items and Create the Most Powerful HERO!
Dynamics and excitement goes off the scale and you must prove that you are not out of loss and you are created to make bold decisions to accomplish a mission at each Floor within our hardcore mmorpg.
Are you ready for the pve and pvp battles and you are not afraid of local authorities and dark forces?
Tear the vicious circle and manifest your strength, secrets exist for the elect to become the exclusive link for whom they were kept.
Dungeons and dragons, summoners war, all that is waiting you at the secret tower RPG missions.

Come Be a HERO!!!


Need help

How do I transfer from my data from my google account to my iOS account? When you open the game it says more then one account is not allowed but you don’t have a way to move data.

Don’t bother
the brutal postman!!

No direction and so far I haven’t seen any instructions on how to get equipment. Clearly paid to win since about $20 is enough to get you one ten summons and you don’t get any equipment as you go up each floor or at least not in the first 70 floors I’ve played. Even worse? You only get maybe a few hundred coins every run through of the floors which isn’t enough to level up your character(s). Don’t bother playing this game.

No random

It was good up until I started to rank up my hero’s stars and it was random who came out that is what made me quite the game because I don’t like things like that being random

Offline music video

Good games

Great idea but...

It is an interesting idle game. You set up your team and that is the base stats. A team to go into tower consists of up to 4 characters. All leveling inside the tower will be reset once you are defeated and leave the tower. You gain 1 key every 100 floors in the tower. The key is used to fight world boss. You gain a random equipment by defeating a world boss. The world boss will be stronger once it is defeated. Sometimes the strength of world boss jumps substantially. Equipments gained from world boss are added to base stats. You can have up to 10 characters in a team to fight world boss. The parts I see as flaws are in different places in game. First the random equipments gained from world boss is random toward lower grade even with much stronger world boss. So it is extremely rare to find a better equipment. Second, the strength of world boss jumps every couple of being defeated. This is unrealistic because your character strength after leveling is linear. Third, once you defeat a world boss, it gets stronger. The only way to reset it back to its original level is to spend 1,000 gems. Forth, evolving a character is extremely expensive. You need to max level that char. Then you need more max chars as ingredient to evolve that char. Even evolving a 1* char requires 2 other max chars. Fifth, character best base stats come from its avatar. The best avatar with the best stats looks like from Phantasy Star art. These avatars are rare when you summon. If you get one, don’t sell them back even it is a 1*. Sixth, it is an idle game type that you need to leave it on running. Worse, it takes a very long time each run if your max floor is high. This type of game ruins your device battery real fast. Last but not least, the IAP is crazy high and there is only 1 IAP. It costs $100 for the IAP. You get 25k gems and 5m coins with ad removal. Even though the items from IAP is quite a normal price, it is like a push to sale in order to get the cost back real quick for the devs right now. I know that they may come out with different cheaper packages for IAP, this initial offer demonstrates their intention which is cash cow. With the 6th and 7th reasons, I deduct 2 stars from this game review. The first 5 reasons, I can live with though.

This game will ruin your battery
I phone 4 ios5

Too much adds The developer is aim for your wallet but lacking in creativity. Bottom line is don’t waste time on this game.

Quite good for what it is

Needs less randomization when upgrading heros already summoned, and some graphical variety, but otherwise this is fun. Disabling ads at a very low cost is also a plus.

Pretty nice game

If you like clicker/idle games, this should be in your play area. I really enjoy it, and I feel that it’s really underrated. There may not be much variety to the game, but if the developers add some new features, it’ll be awesome! I do still think it’s good in it’s current version, so give it a go!

Great game

The game is very grinding based but for some reason I really enjoy it. Is it bad that it took me over 60 keys to kill a lv 13 boss. But anyways my only complaint is I got a good item on the first boss and a worse item on the lv 13. Overall great game and I recommend it.


You watch a pic slash another pic. You have ads at the bottom of the screen the whole time. The starter pack is 99.99 but regular I wouldn't give you 99 cent for everything in this game. It's one if not the worse game I have played on the App Store.