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Secret Mermaid 1: First Love

Mermaid Layla is ready to explore the human world!
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Games Husky Mobile Ltd iPhone, iPad, iPod

Mermaid Layla fled her wedding and turned herself into a human. But if she fail to get a kiss from a human who truly loves her, she will lose her beautiful blue eyes! What will she experience in the human world? Will she find the one? The most exciting adventure EVER!

> Make a deal with a mermaid witch and turn into a complete human now! Swim to the surface and get out of the water quickly!
> Time to dress up! You need a total makeover!
> Exciting new life! Brand new school and new friends! Who is this cute guy?
> Lunchtime! Make some delicious food for your friends!
> Let's play a music show! Invite the cute boy Max!
> Is this a date? Max ask you to ride a bus with him!
> OMG! Raining water!! Run away before the magic disappear! Otherwise you will turn back to a mermaid!

Enjoy your mermaid experience and explore more!

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