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Secret Agent Stealth Survival

Be the agent of Secret Service, hide in the narrow passages of the enemy military base, find your target and do your job with Secret Agent Stealth Survival!
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Beware of troopers and soldiers patrolling the base and its perimeter – they can see you, and your mission would be failed! Move silently, hide in shades and lockers, or use your weapons for self-defense! But still, keep yourself alert all the time – there is a tank somewhere on the base, and it’s on patrol too!
Feel like a special agent on the mission! What should you do today – steal the package with secret information or set the demolition charge? Get to know with Secret Agent Stealth Survival!

Complete missions and unlock new types of missions, new bases to explore and new weapons for your defense! Bowie knives like Major Tom, Silverdust, Blackstar, or silent guns of different kinds – check it all!
Fulfill your mission for the sake of Democracy, do your duty properly and you surely will be rewarded by general! Hide in shadows, avoid enemy’s soldiers and cops, do your job and have fun with Secret Agent Stealth Survival!

Secret Agent Stealth Survival features:
Secret agent stealth action simulator
Wide range of shadowing or assassination missions
Dangerous and skilled rivals – enemy soldiers, troopers and even tank!
Different stealth weapons for your defense


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