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4/5 rating based on 51 reviews. Read all reviews for Screeny 2.0 for iPhone.
Screeny 2.0 is paid iOS app published by ThreeSea Technologies Private Limited

Great app


Its good and fast app

We need to be able to preview the Videos


Screeny has done a great job over the years so I’ll keep it at 5 stars, but the Video search could be improved. I figured out that if I press and hold the video it will open full screen; the only problems are that I can’t play the video or see the size it consumes. Add a way to play the video before accidentally deleting and show us the size. I’m also not sure if this is scanning my iMessage for videos, if not, I’d like that feature too.

Would be good if it worked. Just crashes when I️ hit screenshots button


Would be 5 stars if it didn’t crash every time I hit the screenshots button.


کاربر قدیمی

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Display is so small on 6+ that I can not make a decision to reliably delete.


عبادي الجابر

Ferry goood

Useless keeps crashing


App does not work on iPad mini. It opens but crashes every time you click on the menu to do anything. Useless.......



Perfect application i loved

Hasn't worked since I downloaded it


Crashes every time I try to start a scan, feedback button doesn't work, would not recommend.

What a Waste!!


I downloaded this app, forgot about it for a couple days, then went into it. After the opening screen came up I couldn’t even remember what this was “supposed” to do, and the main screen offers no hints. Some people talk about “Options”...I couldn’t find any “Options”, other than the selection option once it finally “discovered” a few of my 9,000+ photos. I was hoping this might offer some help with duplicates, etc, but no luck. I have over 350 screenshots, but it didn’t identify ANY of them; of my 9k photos, it identified about 24. I don’t like app creators who have to act like “artistes” and think it’s somehow “chic” to fail to offer tutorials, FAQ’s, instructions; instead just present a minimal screen and act like anyone “worthy” was born with the necessary knowledge to maximize utility of their artwork. If you use iCloud, don’t waste your time with this won’t recognize your photos as photos. If you dig far enough down in the verbiage in the iStore it will mention this.